What's New at Vena!

Male Legs without Vein Disease Exercising

New Products / Services Provided

Over time, as we meet and treat more patients that have venous disease, we have also come to recognize a need, on the part of our patients, to enhance their physical and as such also mental outlook. This I’m sure sounds superficial, but isn’t it true that we all want to feel and look better?

Often, after we are finished treating one of our patient’s venous disease, there is a new feeling of hope and confidence on the part of our patients that they have not felt in a very long time. They want new things, they want to continue going in the same new direction. They want to continue to look younger and healthier, always better than they felt before.

At that point, we can make some recommendations and send our patients away to other doctors and other spas that will fulfill their needs and/or desires. Or, we can address those needs and/or desires ourselves.

Most Sought After Cosmetic Services

We have identified a few areas where treatment for our patients will result in a cosmetic or clinical outcome that is quick and almost immediate. This is what everyone wants. They want things to happen yesterday.

Our New Services Include:

We also offer a variety of skin care products to maintain the quick results produced by the above methods.

The main focus of our clinic is still, and will always be, the treatment of varicose veins, but the things that we have added are treatment that our patients have repeatedly requested over the years. These are thing that we know will help to make our patients look and feel better.

Varicose Vein Treatment