Varicose Vein Treatment News

It’s often asked whether or not pregnancy causes varicose veins. The answer is simple.

Yes, pregnancy can cause varicose veins.

The question of whether or not pregnancy always causes or is the sole cause of varicose veins produces a much different answer, however.

How Pregnancy Affects Varicose Vein Development

Varicose Vein SignsPregnancy can be the cause of varicose veins, but it does not always result in varicose veins—not everyone who gets pregnant also develops varicose veins. The heightened chance of developing varicose veins is correlated with pregnancy because a gravid uterus (aortocaval compression syndrome) puts pressure on the inferior vena cava, which takes blood back to the heart from the legs.

What’s actually happening during the formation of varicose veins is the blood does not making it back to the heart as well as it should. The valves stopping the blood from going back down the legs are not able to do their jobs, and the blood begins to make that portion of the vein expand.

The added mass of the growing child increases the pressure on the inferior vena cava, making the body work harder to circulate the blood. Since the blood is coming up from the legs, it’s already working against gravity. The combination does not bode well for the veins in pregnant women’s legs.

How Pregnant Women can Avoid Varicose Veins

  1. Regularly exercise – exercising as much as walking around the block can help increase your circulation, thereby reducing the chances of your blood not being able to make it back to your heart
  2. Stay within your recommended weight range during your pregnancy – staying within your recommended weight range during your pregnancy will help to reduce the amount of weight placed on your inferior vena cava
  3. Sleep on your left side – your right side is primarily where your inferior vena cava is located, and sleeping on the left side reduces the pressure of the blood trying to return back to the heart
  4. Continually switch positions between sitting and standing – it doesn’t have to be sit and stand once per minute, but do not either sit or stand for the entire duration of the day, because this causes the blood to stay in one circulation pattern and is more likely to get stuck in your legs

Where Varicose Veins Appear during Pregnancy

When pregnancy and the development of varicose veins are concurrent, the unsightly veins aren’t always found in the legs. It’s not uncommon for varicose veins to appear on a woman’s vulva, or in the form of hemorrhoids (varicose veins located in the area of the anus).

Worsening Varicose Veins during Pregnancy

Varicose veins developing during pregnancy are sometimes in addition to worsening varicose veins due to the pregnancy. This is due to the rise of progesterone levels in the female body during pregnancy, causing the vein walls to relax and become more susceptible to enlarging.

Although varicose veins do have a tendency to worsen during pregnancy, it is not advised to treat them while you’re pregnant. Wait until after you’ve birthed your child to take care of the varicose veins gained or noticed during the time you carried your child.

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Getting older and losing your natural youthful glow is not something anyone wants to do—we simply accept looking older as being a natural part of our life cycle.

Until science brought us the miracle of Botox treatments to reduce or even eliminate the appearance of wrinkles and creases in our facial tissues.

Botox has been a staple aesthetic-enhancing product among celebrities in the hills of Hollywood for decades, because until recently, only movie stars could afford the treatments. Botox works, and Vena – the Varicose Vein Institute, is happy to bring the convenience of affordable Botox injections to our clients in the greater Milwaukee area.

Dysport Botox InjectionBotox Injections can Prevent Formation of New Lines

Botox is great at reducing or eliminating wrinkles and creases on the face; most everybody knows this. What most people don’t know about Botox, is it often prevents those wrinkles and creases from coming back.

You may find yourself asking how such a thing is possible?

Here’s how it works:

  1. abobotulinumtoxin A blocks the nerve signals telling your facial muscles to move, stopping the muscles from contracting (like when you furrow or smile)
  2. the blocked nerves stay frozen for three to four months
  3. during this time, when the nerves cannot tell the muscles to move, the muscles relax and unlearn the movements
  4. once the freezing wears off, those muscles become less likely to contract to the same degree they previously had learned

Less contraction means less opportunity for wrinkles and creases to form and remain in the skin after the contractions have stopped.

Dysport: an Enhanced Botox Recipe

Our Botox injection treatments are given using the prescription drug Dysport. Dysport is a different type of Botox injection. The difference is Dysport takes effect quicker and lasts longer after the treatment is received.

Patients React Positively to Botox Results

The patients we’ve treated with Dysport injections have nothing but good things to say about their results and how much better they felt after receiving injections. Patients commonly report feeling more confident and better about themselves as a whole. Some patients tell us they’re excited about opting out of plastic surgery and instead choosing the injections.

With plastic surgery and the anesthetics they require, the results are permanent, which means the side effects or errors are also much more likely to be permanent. Dysport lasts three to four months—definitely not permanent—and the possible side effects have a similarly shortened lifespan.

To make a long story short, Dysport injections are safe, effective, and reliable. You can count on Dysport injections to give you the results you desire, and won’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

Contact your Milwaukee cosmetic enhancement experts to schedule your Dysport injections!

Confidence Affects Our Interactions with Others

Image is an important part of our personalities. Not only the image others see of us, but the image we see of ourselves. A positive self-image creates confidence, which truly does impact every other aspect of our lives.

Spider veins can heavily tax our confidence, especially during beach season. The same is true for any unwanted body fat we may have hanging off our torsos or thighs.

Still, worst is when we’re unhappy with the skin or shape of our faces, since the face isn’t a part of the body we can readily cover up. The face is the first place people look when they meet you. Anything after that already comes with the judgements they’ve made about your face. It only makes sense to present yourself in the best light possible so people will give you the chance to present your beautiful personality, matching your face and body.

Fillers & Botox for Facial Enhancement

You know who you are and how you feel about what your ideal look should be. Let us help you achieve it with our facial filler and Botox injection treatments.

Our facial fillers are injections of hyaluronic acid gels, Restylane or Perlane. Hyaluronic acids are found naturally in the human body, so they’re safe to use. Also, the effects are impermanent—if you do experience side effects, they will not be scars lasting your whole life. Hyaluronic acids are hydrophilic, which means your skin will stay flake-free and moist even with the injected gel.

What facial fillers do is put the creased or wrinkled skin back on an even plane with the rest of your skin, buffing out the wrinkles and lines. One of the best benefits of using these products is they actually stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen, making your skin stay wrinkle-free longer. Another one of our favorite benefits of our facial fillers is that they need less and less volume of injections each time—as a result of the collagen production increasing.

Botox treatments are given using the prescription drug Dysport. The procedure is absolutely pain-free, and takes under one hour. After your treatment, there is no downtime. You can walk right out of our offices, confident in your look. The results of Dysport injections typically last 3-4 months, with their full potential showing at around 2 weeks after the injections.

Get rid of your frown lines and crow’s feet on your face with Dysport injections, or let the professionals at Vena - the Varicose Vein Institute help you be the ideal you with facial fillers from the Restylane family of products.

Non-Surgical i-Lipo Treatments for Men and Women

i-Lipo is a revolutionary treatment to expedite the reduction of body fat. The best part about it is it’s a non-surgical treatment. There won’t be any embarrassing scars. You don’t have to take off work and lose pay. There’s no anesthesia. This procedure is hassle-free.

Men and women both benefit from the i-Lipo treatments we offer at our Brookfield location, just a few miles west of Milwaukee, WI. It’s hard to burn fat, no matter what your sex is. It’s even harder to target the specific areas of unwanted fat you have. What i-Lipo does is provide a way for you to feel confident about yourself again.

Patients typically see 4 centimeters of fat come off their bodies during each treatment. 15 inches is not an uncommon measurement change by the end of a 3 week long treatment comprised of 8 sessions.

There is no pain in the i-Lipo treatment process at Vena - the Varicose Vein Institute. You come into our office and lie down. We strap special cold laser pads onto the area we’re going to be treating. They emit low-energy lasers, which target the fat cells, destroying triglycerides and releasing them into the bloodstream as energy. There is then a half hour workout session with a personal trainer after each treatment to help you burn that energy and create good habits and positive feelings associated with results.

Men typically get treatment on their chests and stomachs. Women typically get treatment to their stomachs and thighs. Both sexes feel absolutely fantastic about the results and their subsequent confidence boosts.

Let the professionals at Vena - the Varicose Vein Institute help you feel more confident about yourself and become the ideal you. We believe you deserve to feel great about yourself and your looks.

Spider Vein Treatment

At Vena - the Varicose Vein Institute, we use an amazing method of treatment to get rid of your spider veins. The treatment is called the VeinGogh Ohmic Thermolysis System (or just VeinGogh for short).

The treatment works by inserting a super thin probe into the vein and emitting a microburst of energy to destroy its target. When the vein wall has died, it gets reabsorbed into the body.

VeinGogh treatment is permanent. Once the veins have died, they will not return. However, that’s not to say new veins will not appear. Multiple treatments may be needed over time because of these newly appearing veins. Patients report the pain to be a 2 or 3 on a scale from 1-10, with 10 being unbearable. They describe it as similar to having a hair pulled, which isn’t bad at all.

Results are immediately apparent, and there are almost no side effects, since the targeted area is such a small zone. You may experience some redness or very minor bruising after the treatment, but that goes away quickly, and all that remains is your spider-vein-free body for you to feel confident about.

Contact Brookfield’s experienced body contouring professionals to arrange a consultation.

Dr. Cardone Specializes in Treating Varicose Vein Disease

Varicose Vein Doctor Examining Legs

With numerous certifications and training, Dr. Cardone uses his expertise to treat the appearance and pain of varicose veins. This is why he opened Vena – the Varicose Vein Institute in Milwaukee. Dr. Cardone draws on his knowledge and experience in multiple treatments to find the best option for you. Every patient is different and Dr. Cardone picks the right procedure to get rid of your varicose veins.

Signs and Symptoms of Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are easily visible, twisted, swollen veins just under the skin. They make anyone more self-conscious about wearing any clothing which shows off the affected areas. Varicose veins are most commonly found in the legs, but can appear anywhere on the body.

They also cause pain in the affected area. Symptoms of painful varicose veins include heavy or achy feeling legs, burning and swelling in your lower legs and itching around the affected area.

Non-Surgical Vein Treatment Options Available at Vena - the Varicose Vein Institute

Vena - the Varicose Vein Institute offers non-surgical vein removal options. They are minimally invasive and do not require an overnight stay. You just have to remember to follow a few, post-procedure guidelines. The most common treatment is Endovenous Laser or Radiorequency Ablation. After the procedure, you can return immediately to normal activities. The only thing you’ll need to do is wear a compression stocking for a week to reduce any side effects. This routine procedure is performed on-site almost daily.

A different approach to curing your unwanted varicose veins is our sclerotherapy treatment. This may take more than one appointment depending on the severity of the disease. This treatment consists of a number of small injections straight into the affected veins. Each injection series typically takes 30 minutes or less.

Vena also offers Microphlebectomy for larger varicose veins. This procedure involves making small punctures along the vein. Then, a special instrument brings the vein to the surface. Once it reaches the surface, the vein is removed from the skin. This procedure is totally safe and surprisingly painless.

Varicose Vein Experts Operate in Safe and Professional Environment

Our highly trained staff guarantees you are taken care of at every stage of your diagnosis and treatment. Varicose vein treatment is at the core of our clinic and we are experts at relieving the pain and reducing the appearance of vein disease. Fast, pain-free procedures let you return to your life with great looking legs and minimal discomfort.

Contact the varicose vein experts today and get back to having confidence in your legs.

Varicose Vein Clinic Offers Only the Best Options

Legs with No Varicose Veins in WaterVena Institute cares about our patients and their health. Our Milwaukee varicose vein institute offers only the best and safest ways to eliminate your varicose veins. Depending on the severity of your condition, we can accommodate you with one of four different treatment options for varicose vein surgery.

The four types of treatment we offer are Endovenous Laser, Sclerotherapy, Microphlebectomy, and Radiofrequency Ablation. All of these procedures are minimally invasive and don’t require hospitalization. Best of all, they are usually covered by Medicare and most insurance plans. All of the procedures offered at the Vena Institute have been thoroughly researched and studied by Dr. Cardone.

Dr. Bruce W. Cardone is Board Certified in Diagnostic Radiology, fellowship trained in Diagnostic Ultrasound, specialty trained in Interventional Radiology and holds special credentials as a Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT) and Registered Phlebology Sonographer (RPS). Why would you go anywhere else? Learning from the best, Dr. Cardone and his highly certified staff practice and implement the safest and most medically advanced varicose vein procedures.

Benefits of Our Varicose Vein Surgeries


  • The least invasive procedure- only uses injections
  • Whole procedure takes 30 minutes or less
  • Does Not involve the use of a catheter
  • No General anesthetic- this can be done in your doctor’s office while you stand
  • No vein removal
  • No incisions made = ‘No scarring’
  • Typically veins are no longer visible after a month

The veins disappear after about one month's time--and not sooner--because they need time to be reabsorbed by the body. Sclerotherapy fixes your varicose veins, but it does not extract the portion of the vein fixed. The body sends macrophages out to convert the collapsed vein into energy for the body to use in it's redirection of the blood flow.

Endovenous laser and Radiofrequency Ablation

  • No complicated surgery, so no down time
  • Less painful than vein stripping and ligation, has a shorter recovery time
  • Whole procedure takes about an hour
  • Only local anesthetics- Be awake during procedure
  • Able to continue with your daily routine
  • All side effects, if any, should be gone within 5 days
  • Any soreness or swelling can be treated with over the counter medication
  • Talk to a doctor/pharmacist to find out what is safe for you


  • Performed in out-patient setting
  • Not as painful as ligation or vein stripping
  • Local anesthetic used- no pain during procedure
  • Small punctures made for surgery usually don’t require stitches
  • If you have venous reflux disease this procedure is covered by insurance
  • Pain and fatigue from these veins usually dissipates from area once vein is removed
  • Walking recommended after treatment
  • Drastic results in no time at all
Contact Milwaukee's varicose vein doctor at Vena - The Varicose Vein Institute to find out about your options today.

Ignoring Varicose Veins Can Lead to Serious Health Risks

Women's Legs with No Varicose VeinsThe origin of varicose veins is not entirely understood. The condition is believed to be caused by poor circulation resulting from either weak valves in veins or pooling blood from weak vein walls.

Varicose veins differ in levels of severity; minor cases can be purely cosmetic. More severe cases, as when varicose veins rupture, can become serious a medical issue. It is important to have any varicose veins evaluated by a medical professional to avoid any health potential issue.

Varicose Veins Can Rupture

Varicose veins are located just under the skin, making them more susceptible to damage from a fall or scrape. More importantly, varicose veins can bleed more than healthy veins.

Blood flows through varicose veins at a higher pressure than normal, potentially causing more blood loss if opened. Varicose veins, especially near the ankle, can also spontaneously burst from a combination of weakened vein walls over time and higher blood pressure due to gravity.

What to Do If a Varicose Vein Bursts

If a varicose vein bursts, it is imperative to address it immediately. Have the person lie down and elevate the affected leg. Apply constant pressure to the site until the bleeding subsides. A finger can be used initially until a pressure dressing can be applied. Cloth or folded gauze can be used as a dressing and should be held in place by medical tape or elastic wrap. Seek professional medical attention if bleeding persists or cannot otherwise be moderated.

Milwaukee Varicose Vein Treatment

Whether varicose veins rupture or not, they are a condition requiring medical attention. Even without bursting, serious medical issues from varicose veins can still occur such as skin ulcers, severe and debilitating pain or blood clotting.

The medical professionals at Vena – the Varicose Vein Institute specialize in the treatment of varicose and spider veins. We also offer several non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures to treat varicose vein disease. Dr. Cardone and his expert staff will have you legs feeling better and looking healthier.

Contact the Milwaukee varicose vein treatment experts at Vena - the Varicose Vein Institute today for more information about our minimally invasive treatment options.

i-Lipo Ultra™ is Contouring and Shaping Bodies in Milwaukee

Flat Belly from Lipsuction Alternative in WisconsinI-Lipo Ultra™ is the best alternative to liposuction. This process is non-invasive and pain free, need I say more? You can contour and shape your body without being cut up. i-Lipo Ultra™ does not require the use of needles, knives, or a cannula. i-Lipo Ultra™ focuses on an area of the body and combines an infra-red laser wavelength with a vacuum massage to help reduce cellulite and improve weight loss. Come to Vena - the Varicose Vein Institute and talk with a highly qualified doctor about your treatment options today.

Benefits of i-Lipo Ultra™

Non-invasive and Pain Free Fat Reduction

i-Lipo Ultra™ is non-invasive. This procedure involves the use of lasers and a vacuum massage device, which not only helps you lose weight but can reduce cellulite, too. The lasers and massage vacuum help to breakdown fat cells. The fat removal process is done 100% naturally by the body. i-Lipo Ultra™ doesn’t damage blood cells, peripheral nerves or the skin, so you leave the clinic the same way you walked in. Since no cuts or incision are made on your body, you can say goodbye to scars and hello to a beautiful new you.

Cost and Time Effective Liposuction Option

i-Lipo Ultra™ is a quick and affordable alternative to Liposuction. It only requires 8 sessions over a period of four weeks. Additional treatments are available but are not necessary for results. Appointments only take up to 30 minutes. Plus, the recovery time is super fast. Since there is no surgery, there is no downtime. As soon as the procedure is done, you are able to go back to your daily routine.

Safe Lipsocustion Alternative For Everyone

i-Lipo Ultra™ is an alternative procedure to liposuction available for everyone. When diet and exercise aren’t enough, i-Lipo Ultra™ can help by targeting and tackling the fat deposits on your body. i-Lipo Ultra™ can break down fat just about anywhere on your body, so say goodbye to fat deposits on your arms, legs, chin, butt, thighs and belly. This procedure works on people of all ages, shapes and sizes, and of any skin type. So the real question is, “Why not i-Lipo Ultra™?” It is a safer way to a better you.

Contact the liposuction alternative specialists at Vena - the Varicose Vein Institute to set up your consultation today.

What You Can Do at Home To Relieve Pain From Varicose Veins

Elevated Legs Preventing Varicose VeinsVaricose veins can be painful. You may think there is no way around them. But there are things you can do yourself. While these steps can be helpful, the only way to guarantee a pain-free life is to go to a professional like the Milwaukee varicose vein specialists at Vena - the Varicose Vein Institute. Home treatment can help, though. Here are a few tips to help with your varicose veins.

Milwaukee varicose vein doctors don’t know why, but something causes varicose veins to be more common among related people. Perhaps a genetic weakness makes veins weaker. If there is a family history of varicose veins, you should take preventive action -- and curative action -- right away.

Exercise Helps with Varicose Veins

Staying active doesn’t prevent varicose veins, but it does help with associated problems. Exercise improves your circulation, keeping blood from pooling and putting undue pressure on your vein walls. Try doing aerobics, riding a bike, taking a walk or using a stair step machine. It doesn’t matter what you do, just keep active to prevent blood from collecting in your veins.

Lose Weight to Relieve Pain Caused by Varicose Veins

Reducing your weight will put less pressure on your veins. It will also lessen the pain caused by your varicose veins. Being overweight puts lots of extra pressure on your veins. By losing several pounds, you can relieve some of the stress on your vein walls, reducing the pain.

Varicose Vein Home Treatment includes Changing your Diet

A better diet helps reduce weight, of course. But a balanced diet will also provide nutrients to help prevent varicose veins. While a good diet will improve your circulation, it won’t prevent varicose veins. Also, it can’t cure them. Still, a balanced diet is worth the effort and will provide many long-term health benefits. You may be able to avoid varicose veins treatment for a longer time.

Rest your Legs to Limit Blood Pooling

Exercising is one way to prevent blood from pooling in your legs. Taking a break and elevating your feet is another great way to keep blood flowing in the right direction. Sanding for too long puts a lot of strain on your vein walls. It also causes blood to start pooling since there’s no movement to help propel it along. If you must stand for long periods of time, be sure to take a short walk every 20 minutes. Take a moment to stretch while on long distance car or plane rides, too.

Elevate your Legs above your Heart

Putting your legs up above your heart is very helpful for treating mildly painful varicose veins. Some pillows placed under your legs in bed let you keep your feet elevated for hours. When relaxing on the couch, put your legs up on the arm of the couch. But doing it puts your leg muscles to work, pushing the blood up your leg.

Support Stockings Help with Varicose Veins

You may not find them too stylish, but consider support stockings. Compression stockings help keep your blood circulating and prevent pooling. Many are available over the counter, buy you will need a prescription for stronger versions.

Home treatment of varicose veins is a usually effective and always worthwhile. But the only way to get permanent varicose vein relief is to seek medical help.

Contact the Milwaukee varicose vein specialists at the Vena Institute for fast, permanent vein disease pain relief.

Effects of Varicose Veins on Different Body Parts

When you think of visible varicose veins, you typically think of the arms and legs. While it’s true varicose veins most commonly occur in the legs and ankles, any vein in the body can become varicose. The effects vary based on location and severity, but they range from a relatively harmless cosmetic issue to serious medical problems like ulcers, blood clots and even infertility.

Varicose Veins on the Face

Spider Vein Free LegsFacial varicose veins are typically a mild variety called spider veins. Spider veins are red, purple or blue clusters of veins which resemble wispy spider webs. Spider veins are caused by increased blood pressure due to age, obesity, heredity, or other factors.

Unlike varicose veins elsewhere in the body, which can cause swelling and discomfort, spider veins in the face are normally only a cosmetic annoyance, but could be an early warning sign for vein disease.

Foot and Ankle Varicose Veins

The most common place people develop varicose veins is on their feet and ankles. While they can be hereditary, there are other factors leading to varicose veins. High blood pressure, pregnancy, carrying too much weight and standing or sitting for long periods of time all increase pressure on the legs, causing veins to become weak, swollen and twisted.

Mild symptoms include itching or swelling of the feet and ankles, but untreated varicose vein symptoms can lead to inflammation, leg swelling and bleeding problems.

Varicose Veins on the Chest

Many factors can influence the development of varicose veins on the chest or breasts. Spider veins are often the result of genetic predisposition, trauma, or an adverse reaction to breast implants. More severely, they may be the result of venous obstruction in the neck or armpits.

The presence of varicose or spider veins in the chest become more apparent as skin grows thinner from aging. Compression therapy on the chest is difficult, but there are treatment options available for varicose veins present on the chest.

Abdominal Varicose Veins: A Serious Concern

Distinct from venous symptoms on the chest, engorged varicose veins on the stomach or abdomen could be an indication of a serious medical condition. Abdominal varicose veins have been associated with liver disease, including cirrhosis, deep vein thrombosis, ventricle failure as well as other conditions.

Frequently, they are the result of pelvic vein obstruction in the iliac vein or inferior vena cava. If you are experiencing abdominal varicose veins or unexplained leg pain or leg ulcers, it’s important to schedule an examination right away to determine the severity of your condition.

Varicose Veins on Reproductive Organs

Much like varicose veins on the abdomen, chronic undiagnosed pelvic pain in women may be the result of “pelvic venous flow disorder” caused by a varicose vein within the pelvis. PVFD typically presents itself as generalized pain within the lower abdomen and pelvis and can often be mistaken for a reproductive disorder. This is because the affected veins are often located within or adjacent to the uterine wall, fallopian tubes, vulva, or vagina. PVFD can cause extreme discomfort and lead to varicose veins in the legs, back pain and painful menstruation.

Varicocele, or a varicose vein on the testicle and scrotum, is believed to cause infertility in men and shrinking of the testes. Blood pooling within the enlarged varicocele raises the temperature of the testes, reducing sperm production, while also causing sharp pain.

Among couples suffering infertility issues, 30% of men have testicular varicose veins. About 10% of men will experience varicocele in their lifetime, and unlike other varicose vein issues, varicocele is most likely to affect young men between the ages of 15 and 35.

If you believe you are suffering from Varicose Vein Disease, contact our Milwaukee varicose vein specialists today. Vena - the Varicose Vein Institute provides non-surgical, minimally invasive varicose vein treatment options, reducing the pain and appearance of varicose and spider veins.

Contact our Milwaukee Varicose Vein Disease specialists for more information on our treatments.

Varicose veins are a common problem. At Vena - the Varicose Vein Institute, we offer an array of effective and easy treatment options. Treatments are executed by our trained medical staff, so you can rest assured you’re in good hands. Our patients leave with their vein disease cured and perfectly satisfied with how they were treated and how their legs look.

What Causes Varicose Veins?

Men's Legs without Varicose VeinsLet’s start with a little biology discussion. Veins take blood back to the heart, while arteries provide a way for blood to flow away from the heart. Varicose veins are the result of weak valves in a vein. Valves prevent blood from flowing backwards in veins. Failing valves cause blood to move toward the feet when it’s supposed to be moving up your leg, toward the heart. Blood begins collecting in the vein, increasing pressure and causing pain. This bloated, distended vein is a varicose vein.

Some people are predisposed to varicose vein disease. You may be in a position of increased risk if you are pregnant, overweight, or have a job which requires you to stand all day. Varicose vein disease often runs in families, meaning you could be genetically predisposed to it.

Varicose veins most often occur as people age, resulting in an uncomfortable, painful condition. They can also be a cosmetic issue. Many of our patients choose to treat their varicose vein disease even if the symptoms aren’t causing them pain.

With minimally invasive, effective treatments, Vena - the Varicose Vein Institute makes it easy to say goodbye to your varicose veins.

What Are the Symptoms of Varicose Vein Disease?

Varicose vein disease has varying degrees of seriousness. Some people experience mild discomfort, while other people have serious symptoms. Varicose veins generally appear to be dark blue, and are swollen and twisted underneath the skin.

Some of the mild symptoms include a burning sensation, aching, heaviness, tiredness and pain in the legs. Other mild varicose vein symptoms are swollen feet and ankles, and itchiness.

More serious symptoms of varicose vein disease include swelling of the legs, sometimes specifically in the calf area. Varicose veins can also affect the skin. Skin changes due to varicose veins can include discoloration, dry, thinned skin, inflammation and scaling.

Untreated varicose vein disease can lead to painful open sores. This disease can also cause excessive bleeding from minor injuries, since the veins are exposed and too close to the surface of the skin.

Regardless of the severity of your vein disease, the expert team at the Vena - the Varicose Vein Institute can help you. After using a variety of varicose vein treatments, our medical staff gives you everything you need to recover.

What Are the Best Treatment Options for Varicose Veins?

Varicose vein treatments vary on the severity and type of varicose veins. At the Vena - the Varicose Vein Institute, we offer non-surgical, minimally invasive treatments. After meeting with our patients and examining the scope of their varicose vein disease, we may offer one or a combination of treatments to best resolve your varicose veins.

The most common treatments include Endovenous Laser or Radiofrequency Ablation, Microphlebectomy, and Sclerotherapy. We also offer precision VeinGogh treatment for spider veins, especially when they occur on the face or a comparably delicate area.

Endovenous Laser or Radiofrequency Ablation

Endovenous Laser and Radiofrequency Ablation treatments consist of an ultrasound and anesthetization of the affected area. With this treatment, an ultrasound-guided needle accompanies a guide wire into the higher part of the leg. A small catheter is inserted for laser or radio frequency and positioned at the source of the vein which needs treatment. Anesthetic fluid is sent to the tissues surrounding the vessel to be treated and the vein is cauterized using either laser or radiofrequency heat. Patients stay awake for this treatment, returning to normal activities in a day or two at the most.


Microphlebectomy is used for large and bulging varicose veins. Large varicose veins often respond less well to Endovenous and Radiofrequency treatments, so we use another approach to fixing this problem. With large varicose veins, we use local anesthetic and bring the vein to the surface of the leg manually. The doctor will then remove the vein. This process is safe, quick, and creates minimal discomfort.


Sclerotherapy consists of small injections directly into the vein. This chemical treatment acts as a detergent, making the vein close down on its own and eliminating your problem. For work which requires even more precision, we offer VeinGogh treatment. This consists of a hair-thin probe and a quick, easy procedure to eliminate spider veins on the face or other delicate areas.

Schedule your minimally invasive varicose vein treatment today at the Vena - the Varicose Vein Institute – Be yourself. Free Yourself.

Vein Disease Treatment Updates

Girl in Sundress Showing off Legs after Varicose Vein Treatment

The health field is constantly evolving. Every day, new technological advancements and medical breakthroughs are being made. Vena - the Varicose Vein Institute’s mission is to stay ahead of its time by growing right along with the field.

Through their continuing education, our Milwaukee varicose vein specialists are focused on staying ahead of the curve in the medical field and they want to share their knowledge with you. By researching and practicing the market’s newest and safest treatment techniques, they stay in tune with the world and its medical developments.

Milwaukee’s Varicose Vein Experts Share their Knowledge

We share our wisdom with you because we feel it is our responsibility to share our knowledge and insight. This way, you can make the best decision when it comes to your health and your body’s well-being.

By keeping up-to-date with Vena - the Varicose Vein Institute’s news feed, you will be aware of the best treatment options around. Read the news articles below to learn about the latest technological advancements, pain management methods, surgery options and health risks associated with varicose vein disease.

Keep Up to Date on Medical Advancements for Vein Disease

Let Vena - the Varicose Vein Institute keep you informed about the latest advancements in varicose vein research. Serving a plethora of customers both young and old, our varicose vein experts hold themselves to a higher standard, using procedural practices which have been proven to be effective and beneficial to the patient.

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