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Varicose Vein TreatmentVaricose Vein Removal Billing and Coverage

Vena is dedicated to providing quality varicose vein treatments to help you feel comfortable and healthy. Obvious concerns that  many people have about spider and varicose vein treatments is the cost and whether or not the procedure will be covered by insurance.

During your initial consultation we’ll perform a dedicated lower extrimity physical examination and then compliment this afterwards with an ultrasound. These exams will allow us to determine whether your vein treatment is a medical necessity or a cosmetic procedure and we’ll have a better idea of whether or not your insurance will cover your varicose vein problem.





Whether your reasons for treatment of varicose veins are medical or purely cosmetic, we will guide you honestly and ethically through every step of the process. See below for frequently asked billing and coverage questions.

Vena welcomes all insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid!

Find out more about insurance coverage by contacting us today at or by calling 262-349-9371.

No. This is an elective treatment; no referral is necessary.

If we find you have the disease during the ultrasound, insurance will most often authorize treatment because it’s a disease – not a cosmetic procedure.

After your ultrasound we send our findings and the doctor's recommended treatment plan to your insurance. It then can take up to 2-4 weeks to hear back from the insurance company regarding your pre-authorization.

While deductibles are unavoidable, we do make it as painless as possible for our patients by providing payment plans.  We will work with you on creating a monthly payment plan that will fit within your budget.

In most cases the ultrasound is covered by insurance because it is a diagnostic test.

We will work with you to establish a reasonable and affordable payment plan.

It will depend on your insurance plan, deductible and/or co-pays.  We can provide you with a worksheet that will give you a better understanding of your out-of-pocket expenses.

Yes. We take most insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Yes. If we find that you do have vericose vein disease/reflux that we can confirm by ultrasound examination, it will most often be covered by your insurance. You will be responsible for deductibles and/or copays.